[RUBY] The story when the test folder was not created in Rails

The story when the test folder was not created in Rails


Recently, for some reason, I started studying Ruby on Rails. I would like to talk about the issue that occurred there. As anyone who uses Rails or is studying knows, Rails comes with a test function as standard. It is the one that is automatically created when you create a controller or model. When I was doing a Rails tutorial as a Rails study, there was an incident where it wasn't created. Rails generate controller at the beginning of the tutorial It was when the controller was created with the controller name and action name. I wondered why the test was running on rails t. Make a note of the solution you found at that time.


In config/application.rb in the project

require "rails/test_unit/railtie"

After adding, the test folder was created successfully. Once to try

rails destroy controller controller name action name

Delete with and then again

rails g controller controller name action name

When created with

/myapp # rails g controller Index home help
Running via Spring preloader in process 556
      create  app/controllers/index_controller.rb
       route  get 'index/home'
get 'index/help'
      invoke  erb
      create    app/views/index
      create    app/views/index/home.html.erb
      create    app/views/index/help.html.erb
      invoke  test_unit
      create    test/controllers/index_controller_test.rb <-this
      invoke  helper
      create    app/helpers/index_helper.rb
      invoke    test_unit
      invoke  assets
      invoke    scss
      create      app/assets/stylesheets/index.scss

It was created!

By the way

require 'rails/all'

Those who have become should be okay.


I used a different version of Rails from the tutorial, and I built the environment with Docker, so it seems that it did not come to the expected state. I've been googled for ways to solve this problem, but aren't there many people who have the same experience? it seems like. But I learned Rails! It seems that many other settings can be made in application.rb. For example, whether to allow the creation of stylesheets and helpers when generating ... For more information, you may want to read "Set up config.generators first after rails new" (https://qiita.com/yuutetu/items/135b1c8ab512208aebfe).


ruby 2.6.5 Rails 6.1.0

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