[RAILS] How to get date data in Ruby

Use class method for Date class

In Ruby, Date class is prepared as a class that handles dates, and by using this, it is easy to calculate data that is difficult to calculate accurately with just numbers such as leap year, number of days per month, management of days of the week, etc. It will be possible to obtain it. In addition to dates, there are classes that manage time and classes that handle both dates and times.

Main classes on dates and times

name of the class Manageable data
Date class date
Time class time
DateTime class Both date and time

Preparation for using Date class (require)

When using the Date class, you need to call the "Date "library on your Ruby code. The require method plays that role, which makes it possible to refer to an external file and get the class defined there. ~~ * In the case of Rails application, the class can be referenced in any file, so the description of require" ~ " is unnecessary ~~ (corrected below) ** * In the case of Rails application, it is not necessary to describe require "~" because it has a function to automatically read the reference file according to the specifications of the Rails framework **

・ Specific usage

require "date"
#Date library"date"To capture

The main way to get an instance (object) of the Date class

require "date"
today = Date.today
#Create a Date object by automatically calculating today's date

require "date"
today_str = "2020-12-30"
#December 30, 2020 Date object created

require "date"
today = Date.new(2020, 12, 30) 
#December 30, 2020 Date object created

Get year, month, etc. from the created Date object

To get specific information from the Date object created by the above method, use the following code.

require "date"
today = Date.today
today.year #Get the year from the created Date object
today.mon #Get the month from the created Date object
today.mday #Get the date from the created Date object
today.wday #Get the day of the week as a number from the created Date object

I would be grateful if you could point out any mistakes in the description. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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