Eclipse ~ Java project creation ~


This time I would like to describe how to create a Java project in Eclipse! It's not difficult, so let's call it crispy! !!

Creating a project

First of all

Click "File"-> "New"-> "Project" キャプチャ_1.PNG

Select "Java"-> "Java Project"-> click "Next" キャプチャ_2.PNG

Enter "Main" in the project name → click "Done" (You can use any project name you like, even if it is not Main) キャプチャ_3.PNG

Then, I think that a project called "Main" was created in "Package Explorer". (If you enter an arbitrary project name instead of Main, you should be able to create the specified project name) キャプチャ_5.PNG If Package Explorer is not displayed → Eclipse ~ View Package Explorer ~

Click ▷ on the left to make it look like the one below. You can see the contents of the project. キャプチャ_4.PNG

It's still an empty project-lol

in conclusion

I explained the basics of creating an Eclipse project, but was it easy to understand?

The projects created by the IDE are easy to manage and very easy. Let's make good use of it!

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