[JAVA] Observer Pattern

Multiple Observers monitor the state change of one object
The monitored class holds multiple Observer instances, and each Observer uses the methods of the Observer class to change the state.
Observer holds monitored class objects </ font>

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Check with the following class structure

class Explanation
Mediator.class Objects monitored by each Observer class
Store an instance of each Observer class in a List
Instance added to List()If so, notify all Observers of the size of the List
Hold a Mediator instance to be monitored
Implement the methods used by Mediator
ob1.class´Ż×ob2.class Implement Observer
user(Main.class) Operation check
  • User Includes the meaning that other developers use this pattern


class Mediator{
  List list = new ArrayList<Observer>();
  void add(Observer obsvr){
       notifyTo(list.size());  //NotifyTo when List is updated()Run
  void notifyTo(int size){
       Iterator it = list.iterator();
         Observer ob = (Observer) it.next();
         ob.update(size);      //Update of each Observer class stored in List()Notify using


abstract  class Observer{
     Mediator mediator = null;
     int      mediatorListSize = 0;
     Observer(Mediator med){this.mediator=med;}
     void update(int size){


class ob1 extends Observer{ob1(Mediator med){super(med);}}
class ob2 extends Observer{ob2(Mediator med){super(med);}}


public static void main(String[] args){
  Mediator md = new Mediator();
  md.add(new ob1(md));
  md.add(new ob2(md));

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