[RUBY] [Rails] How to write when making a subquery

I want to stream SQL by subquery (nested)

Check with the example of checking duplicate data.

Form a subquery

** users table **

id name address
1 sasaki tokyo
2 itou fukuoka
3 fujita nagasaki
4 sasaki osaka
5 itou nagano

For example, suppose you have a table like the one above. I want to retrieve records with duplicate names and check the address.

sql1: Select one with duplicate name

SELECT name FROM users GROUP BY name HAVING  count(name) > 1



In this case, we do not know the address of each, so based on this result, execute SQL as follows.

sql2: Based on duplicate results

SELECT * FROM users WHERE name IN ('itou', 'sasaki') ORDER BY name


id name address
2 itou fukuoka
5 itou nagano
1 sasaki tokyo
4 sasaki osaka

As shown above, each address can also be obtained.

So sql1 and sql2 are combined into a subquery.

sql3: Subquery (sql1,sql2)

SELECT * FROM users WHERE name IN (
  SELECT name FROM users GROUP BY name HAVING  count(name) > 1

Implemented in Rails


Can be written as

Any controller

duplicates = User.select(:name).group(:name).having("count(name) > 1")
@users = User.where(name: duplicates)

SQL to be executed

SQL executed by Rails

 SELECT "users".* FROM "users" WHERE "users"."name" IN (
   SELECT "users"."name" FROM "users" GROUP BY "users"."name" 
   HAVING (count(name) > 1)

Surprisingly, only one SQL is issued.

Reference (quite easy to understand!) Handling subqueries with the IN operator of ActiveRecord (Oakbow)

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