[RUBY] Rough procedure verbalized output when creating an app with Rails

Rough steps when creating an app with Ruby on Rails

The purpose of this article is to roughly explain the procedure for creating an application in words. I created my study for my first time.

1. Preparation

Execute the following command in the terminal. ・ Rails new (version specification) (database you want to specify) -Cd (created directory)

2. Database creation

Execute the following command in the terminal. ・ Rails db: create ・ Rails s

3. Edit Gem file

If necessary, specify the Rails version and install the required Gem. After completion, do the following in your terminal as needed: ・ Bundle install ・ Bundle update

4. Creating a posting model

Do the following in your terminal: ・ Rails g model (model name)

5. Create table

Edit the migration file and describe the columns you want to create in the database. After completion, execute the following in the terminal. ・ Rails db: migrate

6. Settings for each action

Make settings for each action according to the following flow. -Routing settings · Define controller creation or action · Creating a view

Routing settings

resources :Controller name, only[:action]

If you want to narrow down the action, describe it in the part inside only.

Creating a controller

When creating a controller, write the following command in the terminal. ・ Rails g controller Controller name

Define the actions required for the controller. There are two points. -If you want to use the value obtained from the database in the view, assign the value to the instance variable and use it in the view. -Use strong parameters to save data.

View creation

The points are the following two points -Edit application.html.erb for header and footer layout. -For views for each action, create action name.html.erb in the views file and describe it.

Create an application according to the above flow.

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