[RUBY] After posting an article with Rails Simple Calendar, I want to reflect it in the calendar.

On Simple Calendar I would like to post an article → post calendar screen (create) → reflect it in the calendar. Currently, article posting is done, and I want to extract the title data of the article posting from it and display and acquire only the title data on the calendar posting screen. 540d264cf48615032c7353a06dffbdf6.png

I have tried it 5336e6a17d83d2db786feb63021d995c.png


I got an error like this.

As an association between blog (calendar) and tweet (article) 4c606c184b85049ae3185dc556a08022.png 025a6b6e9003a3707599aa75945c6d5e.png

Is assembled like this.

The db (database) of the blog is here.

 create_table :blogs do |t|
  t.string :title
  t.text :content
  t.datetime :start_time

  t.references :user, foreign_key: true
  t.references :tweet, foreign_key: true
  t.string :tweet_title

The blog_controller is here.


When posting an article, the view could be displayed on another page. 52b32613dc3a1aa18170323ae8d61abe.png db9032b4f568d364a6a228d3c5415f0b.png

I would appreciate it if you could answer. I am an inexperienced person, but thank you.

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