[JAVA] Create a simple on-demand batch with Spring Batch


Create a simple Spring Batch and batch launch it from a web request.


Detailed procedure

Project creation

Add spring-boot-starter-batch to the dependency to use SpringBatch. Also, since DB is used for Job management, an appropriate JDBC is also added.



Batch creation

** Basically created by referring to here **

Batch actual processing

Create an appropriate processing class as @Service

public class MyBatchService {

	public void execute(Long id, String name, Date reqDate) throws InterruptedException {
		//Appropriate batch processing

Batch settings

The liver of batch processing. This time, easily create one one-step (tasklet) job. Set in Java configuration class.

@EnableBatchProcessing //(1)
public class BatchConfig {

	private JobBuilderFactory jobBuilderFactory; //(2)
	private StepBuilderFactory stepBuilderFactory; //(2)

	private MyBatchService service;

	public JobLauncher jobLauncher1(JobRepository jobRepository) { //(2),(3)
		ThreadPoolTaskExecutor taskExecutor = new ThreadPoolTaskExecutor();
		//The number of concurrent executions is 3.Wait for more queues.
		taskExecutor.setCorePoolSize(3); //(4)
		// java.lang.IllegalStateException: ThreadPoolTaskExecutor not initialized
		taskExecutor.initialize(); //(5)

		SimpleJobLauncher jobLauncher = new SimpleJobLauncher();

		return jobLauncher;

	public Job job(Step step1) { //(6)
		return jobBuilderFactory.get("batchjob")
					.incrementer(new RunIdIncrementer())

	public Step step1(Tasklet tasklet1) { //(6)
		return stepBuilderFactory.get("step1")

	@StepScope //(7)
	public Tasklet tasklet1( //(6)
			@Value("#{jobParameters['id']}") Long id, //(8)
			@Value("#{jobParameters['name']}") String name,
			@Value("#{jobParameters['reqDate']}") Date reqDate
			) {
		MethodInvokingTaskletAdapter tasklet = new MethodInvokingTaskletAdapter();
		tasklet.setArguments(new Object[] {id, name, reqDate});

		return tasklet;
(1) Indicates that it is a Spring Batch setting@EnableBatchProcessingTo@ConfigurationGrant with.
(2) Some beans are included in the context by default and can be autowired.
(3) Job execution environment settings.
(4) Number of concurrent executions with CorePoolSize(Number of threads)To set. If it exceeds this, it will wait in the queue and will be executed sequentially as soon as threads become available.
(5) I have to initialize"java.lang.IllegalStateException: ThreadPoolTaskExecutor not initialized"Exception occurs.
(6) Job, Step,Tasklet settings.
(7) If you set run-time parameters, you cannot create beans at startup.@StepScopeTo change the timing of bean creation.
(8) Settings to retrieve objects from jobParameters.
(9) Run with Invoke.

Batch call

public class MyServletService {

	private JobLauncher jobLauncher1;
	private Job job;

	public void request(Long id, String name) throws JobExecutionException {
		// (10)
		JobParameters params = new JobParametersBuilder()
								.addLong("id", id)
								.addString("name", name)
								.addDate("reqDate", Calendar.getInstance().getTime())

		jobLauncher1.run(job, params);
(10) The parameters to be passed to Job are collectively passed to JobParameters.

Startup settings

Add settings to application.yml.


  datasource: # (11)
    url: jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/kurukuruz1
    username: u-s-e-r
    password: p-a-s-s
    driver-class-name: org.postgresql.Driver
    initialize-schema: always # (12)
      enabled: false # (13)
(11) Set the connection information of the DB to be used.
(12) Setting to execute DDL of the table used by Spring Batch. By defaultembeddedSo, when using PostgreSQL, DDL is not executed, so change it explicitly.
(13) By defaulttrueJob is executed when Spring is started, but it cannot be executed at startup because there are no Job Parameters at startup. Therefore, change it explicitly.

Reference site

Spring Batch re-introduction --I tried to organize how to use it myself --Qiita BLOG.IK.AM --Mistakenly misunderstood ThreadPoolTaskExecutor settings Spring Batch sample code (Java / Gradle) --Qoosky [Spring Batch] Do not execute Job automatically Control method when jobs other than the specified Job are automatically executed --Qiita Kojioniruku-Hello World in Spring Boot Batch

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