Ruby on Rails config configuration

This article notes the Rails 6.1 config settings.


Set the time zone locally

config.time_zone = 'Tokyo'
config.active_record.default_timezone = :local


Use localhost: 3000 for development and unix socket for production

if ENV.fetch("RAILS_ENV", "development") == 'production'
  bind "unix://#{Rails.root}/tmp/sockets/puma.sock"
  port ENV.fetch("PORT") { 3000 }


Use redis for cache

  cache_servers = %w(redis://localhost:6379/1)
  config.cache_store = :redis_cache_store, {
    url: cache_servers,
    connect_timeout: 30,
    read_timeout: 0.5,
    write_timeout: 0.5,
    reconnect_attemps: 1,
    error_handler: -> (method:, returning:, exception:){
      Rails.logger.warn "exception: #{exception}, method: #{method}, returning: #{returning}"

Use redis for sessions

  config.session_store :redis_store,
    servers: [{
      host: 'localhost',
      port: 6379,
      db: 0,
      namespace: 'sessions',
    key: "_session_name_",
    expire_after: 30.minutes

Add gem to Gemfile to use redis with Rails


gem 'redis-rails'


If you are using webpack, can you detect html changes as well? The setting here needs to be considered

  - .html

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