[RUBY] How to make an almost static page with rails

Quote Rails Tutorial

Command execution in terminal

First move to the working directory

cd ~

Command execution after moving

$ rails generate controller <Controller name> <Action name> <Action name>・ ・ ・

$ rails generate controller StaticPages home help

If you execute the above command

・ Creating a controller -Routing settings -Creating a view file It is very convenient and easy because it automatically creates!

In fact, you can make a page with just this.

When you want to add a new page

For example, when you want to create a new about page, you can add it by manually creating a file or writing code.


① Routing settings ② Add action to the controller ③ Create view file

① Routing settings


Rails.application.routes.draw do
  get  'static_pages/home'
  get  'static_pages/help'
  get  'static_pages/about'← Add

② Add action to the controller


class StaticPagesController < ApplicationController

  def home

  def help

def about ← added
end ← added

③ Create view file Right-click on about.html.erb in app/views/static_pages to create a new one


<h1>Create About</h1>
・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・

This completes the page addition.

The URL can be opened on the web by adding static_pages/about at the end.   (https://~~~/static_pages/about)

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