Settings to display Japanese Javadoc in IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ Javadoc settings

The IntelliJ function has a function that can display Javadoc on the Web, so just set it on the Oracle Web page. The location is the location of the SDKs in the module settings of the project.

2018-08-05 (6).png

URL of each version of Javadoc

However, with the default settings of IntelliJ, Javadoc is not displayed automatically, so separate settings are required.

Easily view Javadoc

1. Automatic display by mouse over

2018-08-05 (3).png

2018-08-05 (5).png

2. Display with autocomplete

2018-08-05 (4).png

2018-08-05 (7).png

However, Javadoc is not displayed by auto-complete of input such as dots. Valid only when autocomplete is activated with * Ctrl (cmd) + space *.

3. Javadoc browser startup shortcut

2018-08-05 (2).png

It can be set to start with one button.

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