[RUBY] Introducing New Relic to Rails apps on Heroku

Introduction method

Add add-on

--Provision New Relic add-on from Heroku's dashboard -- $ heroku addons: create newrelic: wayne when done from the command line

At this point, Create a New Relic account and Set various environment variables are done automatically.

Move to the screen where the setting method is described

--Click New Relic from the add-on list screen to move to the New Relic site -- $ heroku addons: open newrelic when done from the command line --Click Get Started new_relic_top.png --Click Ruby  2020-09-01 20.38.40.png

Connection with the app

Set according to the displayed screen ruby_new_relic.png

  1. Enter the app name
  2. Install the newrelic_rpm gem
  3. Download the configuration file and place it directly under the config directory (the license key for NEW_RELIC is written directly, so it is better to put it in an environment variable)
  4. Deploy to Heroku (+ access the deployed site to create traffic)
  5. Get data

You should be able to go back to the Heroku add-ons list screen and click on the New Relic add-ons to go to the performance monitoring dashboard-like screen.


--The old document says "Set the app name in the environment variable", but it's OK (because it is written in the configuration file) --I accidentally wrote a gem in the development group and it got stuck for over an hour. .. .. --The New Relic account and email address are set to the email addresses registered on Heroku. Since the password is unknown, I selected Reset Password from the login screen and reset it.


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