[DOCKER] A note that I had trouble when trying to use nginx with Remote-Containers of vscode

What I tried to do

Wai "Try developing an app with ** vscode Remote-Containers ** and ** Docker **. First from ** nginx **. ** I don't know Remote-Containers, Docker, or nginx at all ** but somehow Naruyaro "

What happened

Prepare the following yml and confirm that index.html prepared separately at localhost: 8080 is displayed by docker-compose up -d.


version: '3.8'
    image: nginx
      - .:/usr/share/nginx/html
      - "8080:80"

However, when I open the same one with Remote-Containers of vscode, index.html is not displayed even if I access localhost: 8080.

The command: / bin / sh -c" while sleep 1000; do :; done " line is written by default in the ./.devcontainer/docker-compose.yml that is automatically created when Remote-Containers is executed. However, it seems that index.html will not be displayed if there is this line.

Remote-Directory structure after running Containers

.devcontainer/          # Remote-Automatically generated by executing Containers
  docker-compose.yml    #This guy has a command line


I do not understand....

Start the nginx container with docker-compose.yml withoutcommand: / bin / sh -c "while sleep 1000; do :; done", attach it and hit the same sleep command and it will be executed properly ( (Log below), so it seems that there is no error in the command command: in the container.

[email protected]:/workspace# /bin/sh -c "while sleep 1000; do :; done"
[email protected]:/workspace# 

Somehow suspicious

When I tried docker ps --no-trunc, the COMMAND when I did docker-compose up -d manually was /docker-entrypoint.sh nginx -g'daemon off;' That thing. Is this overwritten by / bin / sh -c" while sleep 1000; do:; done "?

web_tmp > docker-compose up -d
Creating web_tmp_web_1 ... done
web_tmp >
web_tmp > docker ps --no-trunc
CONTAINER ID                                                       IMAGE               COMMAND
 CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                  NAMES
8f7c7a3300bd7e9894f387b39cc904776858893e337f849ecee5dd69e6ad9291   nginx               "/docker-entrypoint.sh nginx -g 'daemon off;'"  
 2 minutes ago       Up 2 minutes>80/tcp   web_tmp_web_1
web_tmp > 


When I set command: /docker-entrypoint.sh nginx -g'daemon off;' in docker-compose.yml, ╩╗index.html` was displayed. This is the cause!

It seems that the nginx daemon did not start as a result of overwriting docker-entrypoint.sh, which is implicitly executed by default, with another command. I solved it for the time being! Yay! !!


--Event: index.html disappears when there is command: / bin / sh -c" while sleep 1000; do :; done " in docker-compose.yml of nginx --Cause: COMMAND when starting the nginx container is from the default (= / docker-entrypoint.sh nginx -g'daemon off;') / bin / sh -c"while sleep 1000; do: Because it is overwritten by done " --Corrective action: Comment out command: from all docker-compose.yml. (Alternatively, use command: /docker-entrypoint.sh nginx -g'daemon off;'. Normally, that's not the case.)


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