[SWIFT] A list of rawValues for UITextContentType.

I wanted to use UITextContentType.init (rawValue :), but the rawValue was a little different so I'll list it for myself.

UITextContentType rawValue
.addressCity address-level2
.addressCityAndState address-level1+2
.addressState address-level1
.countryName country-name
.creditCardNumber cc-number
.emailAddress email
.familyName family-name
.fullStreetAddress street-address
.givenName given-name
.jobTitle organization-title
.location location
.middleName additional-name
.name name
.namePrefix honorifix-prefix
.nameSuffix honorifix-suffix
.newPassword new-password
.nickname nickname
.oneTimeCode one-time-code
.organizationName organization
.password password
.postalCode postal-code
.streetAddressLine1 address-line1
.streetAddressLine2 address-line2
.sublocality address-level3
.telephoneNumber tel
.URL url
.username username

I don't think I'll use it again, but I couldn't find it by a quick search, so I'll summarize it.

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