[JAVA] Composite Pattern

Call method recursively
Composite Pattern can represent a tree structure
(If it becomes a tree structure, you can consider Composite) </ font>

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Check with the following class structure

class Explanation
Handle different objects with face type
sam.class implement face
samList.class implement face
Hold List and call recursively
user(Main.class) Check the operation
  • User Includes the meaning that other developers use this pattern

Below is the sample code


interface face{void print();}


class sam implements face{
      public void print(){


class samList implements face{
      List   list = new ArrayList();
      void   add(face fc){list.add(fc);}
      public void print(){
             Iterator it = list.iterator();
                   face fit = (face) it.next();
                   fit.print(); //sam if fit is sam type.class print()Is called and this does not recurse
                                //print samList if fit is of type samList()Is called recursively


public static void main(String[] args){
  samList  sam1 = new samList();
  samList  sam2 = new samList();
  samList  sam3 = new samList();
  sam2.add(new  samList());
  sam2.add(new  sam());
  sam3.add(new  samList());
  sam3.add(new  sam());

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