Run Redmine in the local environment of Windows10 Pro-Use Docker Desktop for Windows

I decided to use Redmine a little in the local environment, so I built the environment. I will write a memo at that time.

0. Preparation

◆ Enabling Hyper-V

In the "Windows Features" window that opens by clicking Control Panel → Programs and Features → Enable or Disable Windows Features, "Hyper-V" and "Windows Subsystem for Linux" as shown in the red frame in the following figure. Check the box, click [OK], and then restart the PC. <img src = " " alt =" Enable or disable "width =" 475 ">

◆ Enable virtualization

In Task Manager → Performance tab, make sure that "Virtualization" is enabled at the bottom right. If it is invalid, it needs to be enabled, but the method is omitted here.  taskmgr.png

1. Install Docker Desktop for Windows


** * If "WSL 2 installation is in complete." Is displayed ... **

WSL2_installation_is_incomplete.png → Install "WSL2 Linux Kernel Update Package" from the following site.

2. Download and start Redmine related files


version: '3.7'

        image: redmine
        container_name: redmine
            - ""
            - ./data/plugins:/usr/src/redmine/plugins
            - ./data/themes:/usr/src/redmine/public/themes
            REDMINE_DB_MYSQL: redmine-db
            REDMINE_DB_PASSWORD: redmine
        restart: always

        image: mariadb
        container_name: redmine-db
            - ./data/db:/var/lib/mysql
            MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: redmine
            MYSQL_DATABASE: redmine
        restart: always
        command: mysqld --character-set-server=utf8 --collation-server=utf8_unicode_ci

3. Stop Docker


You can also stop by pressing Ctrl + C on the PowerShell terminal without opening the above window.


☆ I used it as a reference. Thank you very much.

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