Consideration on the 2017 Java Persistence Framework (1)


This post is a simple comparison table only. Impressions, thoughts, and individual memos will be continued in a separate article.

JPQL is used for JPA implementation, and usually there is no list of supported DBs. It's hard to see, so it's peta as an image.

Simple comparison table

As of the beginning of August 2017


(2017/08/04 Updated DB support status of Hibernate5.2 in response to comments. ) (2017/08/04 Updated Doma2 DB support status and changed the initial letter to uppercase)

○: Correspondence ×: Not supported -: Not specified

name license System latest SQL externalization DSL Oracle DB2 MySQL PostgreSQL MariaDB MS-SQL H2 Derby Sybase SQLite Dependence Java Supports Stream Lambda Remarks
S2DAO Apache2.0 OSS 2013/10 × - - None 1.4<= × seasar system, EOL
Doma1 Apache2.0 OSS 2015/07 - - - None 1.6<=8 × seasar system, EOL
Doma2 Apache2.0 OSS 2017/07 × - - - None 8 seasar system
S2JDBC Apache2.0 OSS 2015/10 - JPA × seasar system, EOL
Iciql Apache2.0 OSS 2017/05 × - - - - - None 6<= × Even if it is not specified, it will be handled by dialect
SimpleFlatMapper MIT OSS 2017/07 × × - - - - - - - - - - None 1.6<=9 × Since it is only mapping, there is no function such as DSL, it seems that a build error is in progress
mybatis Apache2.0 OSS 2017/07 - - - - - - - - - - None 1.6<= ×
Hibernate5.2 LGPL OSS 2017/07 × - JPA, JDBC4.2 8<= × redhat system
EclipseLink2.6 Eclipse Public License v1.0, Eclipse Distribution License v1.0 OSS 2016/08 × - - - JPA 7<= × eclipse system
Ebean Apache2.0 OSS 2017/07 × - - - - - - - - - - JPA 8<= ×
Cayenne4.0 Apache2.0 OSS 2017/01 × - - - - - - - - - - slf4j 7<= × Apache system, "portability is equivalent to JDBC and application"
jOOQ Apache2.0+Paid OSS+Closed 2017/07 ※2 ※1 ※1 ※1 - ? 8<=(*AdditionalLib6<=) × 「生成されたSQLはドライバがサポートしているすべてのDBに対応」とのこと、Paid版あり
Reladomo Apache2.0,CDDL,bsd(asm),MIT(slf4j) OSS 2017/07 × - - asm, slf4j 1.6.0_45<= × goldman sachs system
Speedment Apache2.0+Paid OSS+Closed 2017/07 × ※1 ※1 ※1 - - - - None 8<= Paidあり

Reference article

-How Hibernate was on the verge of ruining my career -What I think about the relationship between JPA and DDD

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