How to get and study java SE8 Gold

Since I came back to the java site, I took the java SE8 Gold (OCJP SE8 GOLD) (Java SE 8 Programmer II) with an impure motive to put a foil on the site so that I could stay there for a long time. I passed the exam in one shot, so I would like to summarize how to study.

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History and career

As for my background, as I mentioned at the beginning, after spending nearly a year in the field using java, I was in a project with a very minor language. After that, I came back to the java site for various reasons. I belong to SIer, and it is the result of the efforts of sales and management that sells me. In response to that benefit, we decided to upgrade from the already acquired java SE8 Silver to Gold.

Study method

The study method was roughly implemented in three stages over a five-month period. First, as a hop, I googled the learning method. The site that was particularly helpful is Qiita's Kido Takeru's site. Let's talk about passing experiences of Java SE 8 Programmer II There is a comprehensive explanation of the Gold range, and which books I understood if I should study using. The next step was to buy a book and code it. I bought three books, purple book, white book, and black book, and read the purple book carefully as a starting point. After that, I deepened my understanding while coding the source of purple books and the source of problems of black books. I spent about 4 months on this step. As a final jump, I continued to solve the black book practice test, the problems that can be downloaded and obtained from the black book, and the problems that are officially issued by Oracle for a month. To be honest, when I thought I could understand something, I confused something and started to understand it, and I think it was not so good. However, there are problems that are close to the actual production, and if you are a smart person or a person who usually codes with SE8, you may be able to accept it just by jumping without steps.


I took it at the earliest time at the test site in my neighborhood because I had a headache in the morning. It took about 40 minutes to answer and confirm. About 10 minutes after the test, when it was displayed as passing, I couldn't believe it and asked a friend to check my name and pass or line screenshot (laughs). Perhaps the problem was an easy time. Thank you to the god of random numbers.

Editor's Note Perhaps the strongest theory of Kuromoto that many people are saying is unwavering. However, there may not be much merit to take now that Java SE 11 will be released soon (laughs).

First draft: 2018-07-29

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