[JAVA] Check date correlation with Spring Boot


Summarize the method (correlation check) of comparing multiple items with Spring Boot and performing validation.


First, the entity class that receives the date input from the user.

package com.sample.Form;

import com.sample.Annotation.DayCheck;
import lombok.Data;

import javax.validation.constraints.NotNull;
import java.time.LocalDate;

@DayCheck //(1)
public class SearchLogForm {
  @NotNull(message = "Please put the date^^") //(2)
  private LocalDate startDate;

  @NotNull(message = "Please put the date^^")
  private LocalDate endDate;

Commentary (1)-> Add your own annotation to be created later to the whole class. (2)-> Since it is meaningless if the date is not entered in the first place, @NotNull annotation is added so as not to allow Null.

Next, the annotation class to be given to the entity.

package com.sample.Annotation;

import com.sample.Validation.DayCheckValidation;

import javax.validation.Constraint;
import javax.validation.Payload;
import java.lang.annotation.*;

@Constraint(validatedBy = DayCheckValidation.class) //(1)
@Target(ElementType.TYPE) //(2)
public @interface DayCheck {
  String message() default "Enter the end date after the start date^^";

  Class<?>[] groups() default {};

  Class<? extends Payload>[] payload() default {};

Commentary (1)-> Specify the validation check class to be created later. (2)-> When validating multiple items, specify TYPE because it is given to the class itself.

Finally, create a validation check class.

package com.sample.Validation;

import com.sample.Annotation.DayCheck;
import com.sample.Form.SearchLogForm;

import javax.validation.ConstraintValidator;
import javax.validation.ConstraintValidatorContext;

public class DayCheckValidation implements ConstraintValidator<DayCheck, SearchLogForm> { //(1)

  public boolean isValid(SearchLogForm value, ConstraintValidatorContext context) {
    if (value.getStartDate() == null || value.getEndDate() == null) { //(2)
      return false;
    return value.getStartDate().isBefore(value.getEndDate()) ? true : false; //(3)

Commentary (1)-> In <> of Constraint Validator, specify the entity class to annotate (check) the annotation created above before the comma and after it. (2)-> If the date is null, a nullpo will occur, so check for null. (3)-> Compare dates. Implemented to return false if the end date is before the start date and true if it is later.

Execution result

1611130067549.jpg If you set the start date to a date before the end date ...

1611130001999.jpg I was able to check it properly.


・ Https://terasolunaorg.github.io/guideline/public_review/ArchitectureInDetail/Validation.html#validation-correlation-check ・ Https://itneko.com/kotlin-validate-correlation/

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