[RUBY] [Rails] How to create a Twitter share button



Development environment

・ Ruby: 2.5.7 Rails: 5.2.4 ・ Vagrant: 2.2.7 -VirtualBox: 6.1 ・ OS: macOS Catalina


The following has been implemented.

Slim introductionIntroduction of Bootstrap3Introduction of Font Awesome



= link_to "https://twitter.com/share?url=#{ request.url }&text=#{ @book.title }Let's spread to everyone on Twitter!", class: 'btn btn-default', target: '_blank' do
  i.fab.fa-twitter style='color: #3399FF;'
  |Share on Twitter

url=#{ request.url } ➡︎ Embed the URL of the corresponding page in the tweet.

&text=# ➡︎ Create tweet content.

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