[Ruby] Difference between methods with and without self in the class. About class methods and instance methods.

There are cases where methods with self and methods with self are mixed when defining a function in a class.

Each has a name and its use and calling method are different.

table of contents

  1. Summary of each point
  2. Example for confirmation
  3. Differences in usage between class methods and instance methods
  4. Practical example (simple)

## Summary of each point The following is a summary of each relationship.
item with self No self
Method name Class method Instance method
Target Whole class Instance only
Method name example self.hello1 hello2
Example of how to call name of the class.hello1 name of the class.new.hello2

## Example for confirmation Ignore the practicality and try to define and check each function.


class TestClass
  #Method with self
  def self.hello1
    p "self hello 1"

  #Method without self
  def hello2
    p "hello 2"

In the class TestClass, there are the following two methods.

--self.hello1: Class method --hello2: Instance method

Each calling method is as follows.

Calling a class method

How to call a method with self

Call a method with self

=> "self hello 1"

=> "self hello 1"

It is OK if you execute the method directly with the class name as an object.

Instance method call

In order to call the selfless method, you need to ** create an instance and execute the method on the created instance **.

Call the self-less method

#Create and assign an instance
inst = TestClass.new

=> "hello 2"

#Create an instance and run it directly
=> "hello 2"

## Differences in usage between class methods and instance methods ** Class method is valid for all instances **, so it is often used as a method to calculate the total number of products and the number of people.

** Instance methods are valid only for that instance **, so they are often used for product generation and person generation.

### Practical example (simple) A code example that defines an instance that registers products for each product category and a class method that outputs the total number of products in all categories.

Class definition

class Product
  ######Whole class
  #Class variable (initialized with initial value 0)
  @@product_ttl_num = 0

  #Class method
  def self.ttl_num
    p "Number of products:#{@@product_ttl_num}"

  #####For each instance
  #Method to be executed automatically when instantiating
  def initialize(category)
    @product_category= category
    @product_list = []

  #Instance method (for addition)
  def add(name)
    @product_list.push name

    #Add 1 to class variable
    @@product_ttl_num += 1

That's all for class definition. Then create an instance.

Create an instance

##Instance generation (phone category)
phone = Product.new(phone)

#Instance method execution

##Instance generation(codes category)
codes = Product.new(codes)

#Instance method execution
phone.add("USB typeC")

Create two instances of phone and codes, and register a total of four products, two for each.

Execution of class method

#Class method execution

=> "Number of products: 4"

When you execute the class method, you can get the total score of the products of all instances.

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