[RUBY] Install Rails in the development environment and create a new application

Quote Rails Tutorial

Install Rails

Set .gemrc file not to install Ruby documentation

$ echo "gem: --no-document" >> ~/.gemrc

To install Rails, use the gem command. I've added settings to the command to avoid wasting time installing Ruby documentation.

Install Rails by specifying the version

$ gem install rails -v 6.0.3

Installed with version 6.0.3

$ rails -v
# Rails 6.0.3

Check the version (check if it matches if specified and installed)

Install Yarn to manage JavaScript software dependencies

$ source <(curl -sL https://cdn.learnenough.com/yarn_install)

* When a warning message appears

  Your Yarn packages are out of date!
  Please run `yarn install --check-files` to update.
$ yarn install --check-files

Do the above and it's OK

Create a new app

Create an environment directory for your Rails project

$ cd                    #Move to project home directory
$ mkdir environment     #Create environment directory
$ cd environment/       #Move to the created environment directory

run rails new

$ rails _6.0.3_ new <app name>

Role of each folder

Quote Rails Tutorial Table 1.2: Overview of Default Rails Directory Configuration (https://railstutorial.jp/)

directory Use
app/ Key application code including models, views, controllers, helpers, etc.
app/assets Assets such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), JavaScript files, images used in the application
bin/ Binary executable
config/ Application settings
db/ Database related files
doc/ Application documentation, such as manuals
lib/ Library and module storage
log/ Application log file
public/ Data to be published directly to the general public (Web browser, etc.) such as error pages
bin/rails Rails scripts used for code generation, console launch, local web server launch, etc.
test/ Application testing
tmp/ temporary file
README.md A brief description of the application
Gemfile Gem definition file required for this application
Gemfile.lock List to check the version of gem used by the application
config.ru Configuration file for Rack middleware
.gitignore A pattern for specifying files that you don't want to include in Git

Run Bundler

A bundler is a gem that manages gem versions and gem dependencies. By using bundler, you can develop with multiple people or even if the gem version goes up without causing an error.

Enter the gem to use in the Gemfile

Since the gem used differs depending on each development environment, enter the required gem. (Example bootsnap, byebug, etc.)

install bundle

$ cd hello_app/
$ bundle install

If you get an error saying [bundle update], run bundle update first

This is the environment construction.

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