[JAVA] A memo that touched Spring Boot

Features of Spring Boot

It seems that it is a big feature that it is possible to program ignoring the existence of Servlet like other languages by using annotations.


Annotation Overview
@ Conponent The most basic annotation to register as a bean in the DI container
@ Configuration Annotation for Java-based bean definition * I don't understand what you mean, so I will explain it later.
@ Repository Annotation indicating a class for handling data storage and loading. When using a database such as Spring Data, there are cases where it has a special meaning, such as allowing the table to be accessed automatically by specifying this annotation.
@ Controller Annotation indicating that it is an MVC controller class.
@ Service Annotation indicating a class for handling business logic etc.

As a special thing in each subproject, different annotations are defined, overriding these annotations.

Annotation Overview
@ SpringBootApplication Annotations used as a convention to specify the main program of a Spring Boot application
@ RestController Annotation for registering as a controller for REST
@ RestControllerAdvice Annotation for defining common processing such as conversion of input data format common to each controller and error processing.

--When using maven --If you list the dependency packages in the pom.xlm file, the required packages will be loaded automatically. --ʻApplication.properties` A place to list the settings used in each package. --When using gradle ――I plan to use it from now on

Annotation summary around Entity


Summary of settings around Spring Boot log


Description method when creating Rest API


How to use JpaRepository

http://terasolunaorg.github.io/guideline/5.5.1.RELEASE/ja/ArchitectureInDetail/DataAccessDetail/DataAccessJpa.html How to use when you want to search by adding more conditions https://qiita.com/ksh-fthr/items/44ecc0550a77f4280ea7

Periodic execution with Spring Boot

https://qiita.com/[email protected]/items/4f0c64eb9a24eaceaa6e https://reasonable-code.com/spring-boot-scheduling-tasks/

Create Batch with Spring Boot


Spring Boot Actuator A service that provides functions such as monitoring, metrics, and auditing. Just deploy and automatically apply audit, health, and metric collection to your application.

As a caveat, if the endpoint is set to a point without authentication, there is a risk that the security information of the server will be disclosed, so it is necessary to carefully develop the endpoint disclosure.

Spring Boot Actuator documentation

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