[JAVA] Implement paging function with Spring Boot + Thymeleaf

You can easily implement screen paging functionality with Spring Boot + Thymeleaf. Screen image after completion スクリーンショット 2017-01-21 23.25.18.png

Verification environment


First is the Domain layer.

public class Word implements Serializable {

	private static final long serialVersionUID = -870708489937857961L;
	@GeneratedValue(strategy=GenerationType.TABLE, generator="seqTable")
	@TableGenerator(name="seqTable", table="seq_table", pkColumnName="seq_name", pkColumnValue="word_seq", valueColumnName="seq_value")
	private Long id;
	private String word;
	private String meaning;
	private String example;

	//get / set omitted

Define a JPA repository class to get the list. Use the Page class instead of List.

public interface WordRepository extends CrudRepository<Word, Long>{
	public Page<Word> findAll(Pageable pageable);


Next is the Service layer.

public class WordService {
	private WordRepository wordRepo;
	public Page<Word> getAllWord(Pageable pageable) {

		return wordRepo.findAll(pageable);


Presentation layer.

public class MainController {
	private WordService wordService;
	@RequestMapping(value="/word/wordList", method=RequestMethod.GET)
	public String getWordList(Model model, Pageable pageable) {
		Page<Word> wordsPage = wordService.getAllWord(pageable);
		model.addAttribute("page", wordsPage);
		model.addAttribute("words", wordsPage.getContent());
		model.addAttribute("url", "/word/wordList");
		return "/word/wordList";

Setting the number of items to be displayed

Set the maximum number of items to be displayed for each page.

public class WebConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter {

  public void addArgumentResolvers(List<HandlerMethodArgumentResolver> argumentResolvers) {
      PageableHandlerMethodArgumentResolver resolver = new PageableHandlerMethodArgumentResolver();
      //Number of items to be displayed per page
      resolver.setFallbackPageable(new PageRequest(0, 5));


Finally, the implementation on the Thymeleaf side.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"
		<meta charset="UTF-8" />
		<link th:substituteby="common/header :: common_header"/>
		<title>Word List</title>
		<table border="1">
			<tr th:each="word:${words}">
				<td th:text="${word.id}"></td>
				<td th:text="${word.word}"></td>
				<td th:text="${word.meaning}"></td>
				<td th:text="${word.example}"></td>
		<div th:fragment='paginationbar'>
				<li th:class="${page.first} ? 'disabled':''" style="display:inline">
					<span th:if="${page.first}">← First</span>
					<a th:if="${not page.first}" th:href="@{${url}(page=0)}">← First</a>
				<li th:each='i : ${#numbers.sequence(0, page.totalPages-1)}' th:class="(${i}==${page.number})? 'active' : ''" style="display:inline">
                	<span th:if='${i}==${page.number}' th:text='${i+1}'>1</span>
               	 	<a th:if='${i}!=${page.number}' th:href="@{${url}(page=${i})}">
               	 		<span th:text='${i+1}'>1</span>
				<li th:class="${page.last} ? 'disabled':''" style="display:inline">
					<span th:if="${page.last}">End ➝</span>
					<a th:if="${not page.last}" th:href="@{${url}(page=(${page.totalPages}-1))}">End ➝</a>


In the case where the number of pages is large as shown below, if you want to display only some page numbers, you can create a wrapper class for Page and customize it. 2017-12-08_092643.jpg

Wrapper class implementation

public class PageWrapper<T> {
    public static final int MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY = 5;
    private Page<T> page;
    private List<PageItem> items;
    private int currentNumber;
    private String url;

    public String getUrl() {
        return url;

    public void setUrl(String url) {
        this.url = url;

    public PageWrapper(Page<T> page, String url){
        this.page = page;
        this.url = url;
        items = new ArrayList<PageItem>();

        currentNumber = page.getNumber() + 1;

        int start, size;
        if (page.getTotalPages() <= MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY){
            start = 1;
            size = page.getTotalPages();
        } else {
            if (currentNumber <= MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY - MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY/2){
                start = 1;
                size = MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY;
            } else if (currentNumber >= page.getTotalPages() - MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY/2){
                start = page.getTotalPages() - MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY + 1;
                size = MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY;
            } else {
                start = currentNumber - MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY/2;
                size = MAX_PAGE_ITEM_DISPLAY;

        for (int i = 0; i<size; i++){
            items.add(new PageItem(start+i, (start+i)==currentNumber));

    public List<PageItem> getItems(){
        return items;

    public int getNumber(){
        return currentNumber;

    public List<T> getContent(){
        return page.getContent();

    public int getSize(){
        return page.getSize();

    public int getTotalPages(){
        return page.getTotalPages();

    public boolean isFirstPage(){
        return page.isFirst();

    public boolean isLastPage(){
        return page.isLast();

    public boolean isHasPreviousPage(){
        return page.hasPrevious();

    public boolean isHasNextPage(){
        return page.hasNext();

    public class PageItem {
        private int number;
        private boolean current;
        public PageItem(int number, boolean current){
            this.number = number;
            this.current = current;

        public int getNumber(){
            return this.number;

        public boolean isCurrent(){
            return this.current;

Control class change

Use the wrapper class instead of Page.

public class MainController {
	private WordService wordService;

	public String wordRegister(WordForm wordForm) {
		return "/word/wordRegister";
	@RequestMapping(value="/word/wordList", method=RequestMethod.GET)
	public String getWordList(Model model, Pageable pageable) {
		Page<Word> wordPage = wordService.getAllWord(pageable);
		PageWrapper<Word> page = new PageWrapper<Word>(wordPage, "/word/wordList");
		model.addAttribute("page", page);
		model.addAttribute("words", page.getContent());
		return "/word/wordList";


Change the paging part as follows.


		<div th:fragment='paginationbar'>
			<ul class='pagination pagination-centered'>
				<li th:class="${page.firstPage}?'disabled':''" style="display:inline">
					<span th:if='${page.firstPage}'>← First</span>
					<a th:if='${not page.firstPage}' th:href='@{${page.url}(page=0,size=${page.size})}'>← First</a>
				<li th:class="${page.hasPreviousPage}? '' : 'disabled'" style="display:inline">
					<span th:if='${not page.hasPreviousPage}'>«</span>
					<a th:if='${page.hasPreviousPage}' th:href='@{${page.url}(page=${page.number-2},size=${page.size})}'>«</a>
				<li th:each='item : ${page.items}' th:class="${item.current}? 'active' : ''" style="display:inline">
					<span th:if='${item.current}' th:text='${item.number}'>1</span>
					<a th:if='${not item.current}' th:href='@{${page.url}(page=${item.number-1},size=${page.size})}'>
					<span th:text='${item.number}'>1</span>
				<li th:class="${page.hasNextPage}? '' : 'disabled'" style="display:inline">
					<span th:if='${not page.hasNextPage}'>»</span>
					<a th:if='${page.hasNextPage}' th:href='@{${page.url}(page=${page.number},size=${page.size})}'>»</a>
				<li th:class="${page.lastPage}? 'disabled' : ''" style="display:inline">
					<span th:if='${page.lastPage}'>End ➝</span>
					<a th:if='${not page.lastPage}' th:href='@{${page.url}(page=${page.totalPages - 1},size=${page.size})}'>End ➝</a>

Reference: https://github.com/mtiger2k/pageableSpringBootDataJPA

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