Starting with Swift Swift UI

Swift syntax


struct Game{
    let title: String
    let version: Double
    init(title theTitle: String, version theVersion: Double ) {
        self.title = theTitle
        self.version = theVersion
    func play(){
        print(self.title + " is playing.....")
let MyGame = Game(title: "MyFirstGame", version: 0.1) // MyFirstGame is playing.....


Supports interfaces in Java

protocol Updatable{
    func update(_ version: Double)

struct Game: Updatable{
    func update(_ version: Double) {

Structure name: Protocol name

SwiftUI Based on this, quoted from ContentView.swift

struct ContentView: View {
    var body: some View {
        Text("Hello, world!")

In other words, the ContentView structure is defined using the View protocol. The View protocol needs to implement the body property, so that's right. The some type is an arbitrary type that conforms to the View protocol, so it does not necessarily have to be a View.

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