[JAVA] A story that I realized that I had to study as an engineer in the first place


Nice to meet you, I'm Nakamura. An engineer () who is trafficked like crazy in Tokyo. It's been almost two years since I entered as a new graduate, and it's about time to escape from Sier. I thought I'd start studying seriously from today, so I created a Qiita account with momentum. Markdown I'm not good at dying, so please forgive me for being hard to read. (It would be better if this area could be improved while mass-producing shit articles)

Why did you get motivated

I think my company is barely black, but for some reason it seems that I can get a settlement bonus, so I had an interview with my boss today. The other day, it seems that I was told that I was talking to a sales person that it was a salary table. "If you want to raise your salary, change jobs!" I was told normally while laughing.

This boss is a really respectable person "Even if I change jobs, it will be profitable for my company, so I'll study properly. Well, even if I'm at my company, my salary won't go up." He said something like that. (This margin is amazing)

Also, I usually get expectations from the company, and when I say something like that, I can only laugh like Ahaha on the spot, but I feel motivated. It seems that it is also written in management books around that area.

What to do

For the time being, I used to write batches and other server-sides in Java without knowing the meaning, but I want to become a man who also touches the front desk.

Since I'm a liberal arts graduate in the first place, programming is only a liberal arts class level knowledge. The training was also discontinued in the middle and I was sent to a hell named OJT at the scene, so I have not learned the basics, so I decided to proceed with the book I bought at the Kindle sale a while ago and left it. think.

image.png https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4839959714/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_.TtICbZRJ7MYC

This is this child. I'll do my best. I've advanced about 20% today, so I want to finish the basics quickly.

Immediate goal

For the time being, if you understand that HTML and CSS are like this, it would be nice to study like the basics of JavaScript. I feel like. For that purpose, I haven't touched the infrastructure, so I need to study that area.

When can I escape from Sier? .. ..

Even if I don't mind, I'm thinking of becoming a cool engineer by the age of 30. Maybe if I don't feel like it, I won't update Qiita either. If you can study in a good way, I think it will output in a good way.



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