[RUBY] I made a LINE bot with Rails + heroku

What I made

I thought it would be convenient if there was a BOT that would notify me of garbage disposal every morning. I made it after studying.

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Language used

Ruby Ruby On Rails6 Heroku LINE Messager API

STEP 1 Create a LINE BOT that returns a message

I will omit this because other people have posted it in detail.

Reference article



STEP 2 PUSH message

Add a task and send a message at a fixed time.

Creating a task

$rails g task reminder_task

Then generate a controller

$rails g controller webhook trash

describe description and task


namespace :reminder_task do
  desc "Here is the subject of the task"
  task :trash => :environment do
    webhook = WebhookController.new
    puts webhook.trash

Next, define the action of the webhook controller


  def trash
    puts "message"

Check if it is added to the rake task here

$ rake -T
rake reminder_task:trash task theme

If you can confirm that it has been added

$ rake reminder_task:trash

OK when [Message] is sent

Setting environment variables

If you want to use PUSH messages, you have to set environment variables.

See below for environment variables. https://qiita.com/yuichir43705457/items/7cfcae6546876086b849 https://qiita.com/noraworld/items/bfa80811c9e30b4474af

Setting method

Add dotenv to gem

gem 'dotenv-rails'

Create an .env file in the root directory of your application directory (Created where there is an app or gemfile)

Set various LINE channels



Rewrite the trash action of the webhook controller


class WebhookController < ApplicationController
  require 'line/bot'

def trash
  message = {
            "type": "text",
            "text": WebhookController.contents
            client = Line::Bot::Client.new { |config|
              config.channel_secret = ENV["LINE_CHANNEL_SECRET"]
              config.channel_token = ENV["LINE_CHANNEL_TOKEN"]
            response = client.push_message(ENV["LINE_USER_ID"], message)

  def self.contents

      date = Date.today

      case date.strftime('%a')
        when "Mon"
            "Today is Monday, Burning Garbage Day!"
        when "Tue"
        when "Wed"
            "Today is Wednesday, the day of non-burnable garbage and cardboard"
        when "Thu"
            "Today is Thursday, a normal garbage day!"
        when "Fri"
            "Today is Friday, the day of cans, bottles and PET bottles!"
        when "Sat"
            "Tired for a week! None today!"

Push to Heroku and set up a scheduler and you should get a message.


The service you made for the first time after studying ruby? Therefore, it seems that there are many mistakes. In that case, I would be grateful if you could point out!

(Thanks to all the reference articles.)

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