Ruby on Rails address automatic input implementation method


Current version: macOS Catalina 10.15.3

I implemented address autofill in Ruby on Rails. Describe as a memorandum. I hope you find it helpful.


(1) First, download the js file (jQuery plug-in) from the following. jquery.jpostal.js

(2) Place the downloaded js file in app / assets / javascripts.

(3) After adding the following to the Gemfile, `$ bundle install` in the terminal.


#To be able to use jQuery with Rails
gem 'jquery-rails'
#Address function
gem 'jp_prefecture'

(4) After adding the following column to the User model, `` `$ rails db: migrate``` in the terminal.


rails generate migration AddColumnsToUsers postal_code:string prefecture_code:string address_city:string address_street:string

(5) Add the following to app / models / user.rb to edit the User model.


  include JpPrefecture
  jp_prefecture :prefecture_code

  def prefecture_name
    JpPrefecture::Prefecture.find(code: prefecture_code).try(:name)

  def prefecture_name=(prefecture_name)
    self.prefecture_code = JpPrefecture::Prefecture.find(name: prefecture_name).code

(6) Add the following to the view to be displayed (This article is implemented on the new member registration screen by introducing devise) Additional description in app / views / devise / registrations / new.html.erb


<%= f.label :Postal code%>
<%= f.text_field :postal_code, autocomplete: "postal_code", id: "customer_postal_code" %>

<%= f.label :Prefectures%>
<%= f.collection_select :prefecture_code, JpPrefecture::Prefecture.all,  :name, :name, autocomplete: "prefecture_code", id: "customer_prefecture_code" %>

<%= f.label :Municipality%>
<%= f.text_field :address_city,  autocomplete: "address_city", id: "customer_address_city" %>

<%= f.label :Street Bunch%>
<%= f.text_field :address_street,  autocomplete: "address_street", id: "customer_address_street" %>

(7) Described in app / assets / javascripts / to call the jpostal method.

$ ->
    postcode : [ "#user_postcode" ],
    address  : {
                  "#user_prefecture_code" : "%3",
                  "#user_address_city" : "%4",
                  "#user_address_street" : "%5%6%7"
  #Input item format
    #   %3 prefectures
    #   %4 municipalities
    #   %5 town area
    #   %6 Address of large office
    #   %7 Name of large office

(8) Additional description below in app / controllers / users_controller.rb


  def user_params
    params.require(:user).permit(:postcode, :prefecture_code, :address_city, :address_street) #Columns that allow storage

After entering the zip code, the address will be entered automatically.


If the postal code is not automatically entered unless you switch to the screen where the address auto-fill is set and reload it, adding data: {"turbolinks" => false} to the link description solved the problem.

<%= link_to 'Member registration', '/customers/sign_up',  data: {"turbolinks" => false} %>

It took about 20 minutes to implement it for the first time. We hope for your reference.

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