[RUBY] Completely delete the migration file that you failed to delete

There is a mysterious migration file and it feels uncomfortable, so I will investigate how to erase it and write something refreshing.

Current status of migration files

rails db:migrate:status

I should have deleted the migration file


NO FILE remains like this.

NO FILE means that the migration file should have been deleted but remains on the computer. I feel uncomfortable, so I'll erase it.

rails db:rollback

--This will change the status part from up to down. (It can be edited) --Restore this empty file with a name

touch command

touch db/migrate/20200929050736_hoge.rb

aa.png This will restore a migration file called hoge. However, nothing is written in this file, so describe it appropriately. Add the following sentence in its entirety

class Hoge < ActiveRecord::Migration[6.0]
  def change

Run rails db: migrate

rails db:migrate

When you reach here, you are ready to erase it. However, since the status remains up, it needs to be down to turn it off.

rails db:rollback


It became down. Command to erase here

rm -rf db/migrate/20200929050736_Hoge.rb

Let's check again with rails db: migrate: status

You have now completely erased the files you missed.

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