[RUBY] Create an or search function with Ransack.

usage environment

rails 6.0.2
ubuntu (WSL)


gem installation

gem 'ransack'

Don't forget bundle.

Search for content

It is assumed that post_controller has already been created.


  def index
    unless params[:q].blank?
       #Split the entered word with a space
      split_keyword = params[:q][:content_cont].split(/\p{blank}/)
    @q = Post.ransack(content_cont_any: split_keyword)
    @posts = @q.result

Check if there is an input (search word). I think it would be an error without this.

unless params[:q].blnak?

Search form


 = search_form_for @q, class: 'mb-5 search-container' do |f|
     = f.search_field :content_cont, placeholder: "Please enter a keyword", class: "form-control"
     = f.submit class: "btn btn-outline-primary"

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