[RUBY] How to implement a circular profile image in Rails using CarrierWave and R Magick

What is Carrierwave?

It is a gem that allows you to easily add an image file upload function.

What is RMgick

You can change the size of the image file and crop the center of the image. Even a rectangular image can be made into a beautiful square image. (Because it can be extracted from the center with the specified size)


Ruby 2.7.0 Rails carrierwave 2.1.0 rmagick 4.0.0

Step 1 ・ Introduce Carrierwave

First, install the following gem


gem 'carrierwave'

Then do bundle install. Then create an uploader with rails g uploader image.


$ bundle install

$ rails g uploader image

app/uploaders/image_uploader.rb //The file will be created

If you don't have an image column, you have to create one. Since this is a profile image, I will create it in the user model.


$ rails g migration AddImageToUsers image:string

$ rails db:migrate

You now have an image column in your user model.

Next, edit ʻuser.rb of the added user model and describe ʻimage_uploader.


class User < ApplicationRecord

  mount_uploader :image, ImageUploader #add to

This completes the introduction of CarrierWave.

Step 2-Introduce R Magic

First of all, the introduction of R Magick is very complicated. Lol However, please be assured that if you do it in order, you can install it without any problems.

First of all, install ImageMagick 6 and pkg-config. Execute the following in order.


$ brew install [email protected]

$ brew install pkg-config

Then do the following


$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/opt/[email protected]/lib/pkgconfig

Finally, use the gem command to install rmagick.


$ gem install rmagick

Now you are finally ready to install the gem. Add the following to Gemfile.


gem 'rmagick'

Run bundle install


$ bundle install

This completes the introduction of R Magick.

Step 3 ・ Describe in ʻimage_uploader.rb`

Describe the following in the file ʻimage_uploader.rb` created at the beginning


  version :thumb do
    process :resize_to_fill => [width, height, gravity = ::Magick::CenterGravity]

  #Enter the width and height values for width and height, respectively. If you enter the same number, it will be a square.
  #In the case of the example below, it will be a 200px square.
  #version :thumb do
    #process :resize_to_fill => [200, 200, gravity = ::Magick::CenterGravity]

You can now make the image square.

Next, write a description to prevent image inversion.


class ImageUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base

  def auto
    manipulate! do|image|

  process :auto


Step 4 ・ Model description

This time it is a profile picture of the user, so I will describe it in the user model.


class User < ApplicationRecord

  mount_uploader :image, ImageUploader

The model is now associated.

Step 5 ・ Description of controller

Next, write it in the controller.


class UsersController < ApplicationController

  def show
    @user = User.find(params[:id])

  def edit
    @user = User.find(params[:id])

  def update
    @user = User.find(params[:id])
    if @user.id == current_user.id
      flash[:success] = "Your profile has been updated!"
      redirect_to user_path(@user)
      render 'edit'


  def user_params
    params.require(:user).permit(:name, :email, :image)

Step 6 ・ Implementation of view

Next, we will implement it in the view.


 <% if @user.image? %>
   <%= image_tag @user.image.thumb.url, class: "user-icon" %>
 <% else %>
   <%= image_tag "default.jpg ", alt: "user-icon", size: "200", class: "user-icon" %>
 <% end %>
 <button type="button" class="btn btn-outline-secondary rounded-pill">
   <%= f.file_field :image, accept: 'image/jpeg,image/gif,image/png', class: "image-select-btn" %>

If you have uploaded a profile picture with <% if @ user.image?%>, It will be displayed, otherwise the default image will be displayed. Put the default images in ʻapp / assets / images`.

By the way


<%= image_tag "/assets/images/default.jpg ", alt: "user-icon", size: "200", class: "user-icon" %>

Please note that an error will occur if you write.

Return to the explanation of ʻedit.html.erb`.

By writing thumb on the second line, the contents (width and height) described earlier in ʻimage_uploader.rb` will be reflected in the image.

Then use CSS to round the image.


.user-icon {
  border-radius: 100px;

You have now rounded your profile picture.

If the profile image has not been uploaded, the implementation below is possible.

スクリーンショット 2020-09-03 9.30.11.png

You can upload your profile picture from the "Select File" button above.

When uploaded, it will be circular like the default image.

This is the end of implementation.

Reference material

I wrote it with reference to the following article. Thank you to everyone who posted the article.

Introduce image upload Carrierwave Using RMagick with Rails [Rails] Create thumbnails with Carrier Wave and R Magick Use CarrierWave to set user images.

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