Try using the Wii remote with Java

This time I would like to use the Wii remote controller in Java.

There are few Japanese documents and they are old, so I hope you can use them as new documents.


It will not work unless you pair the Wii remote with your PC as a Bluetooth device. Be sure to pair before executing.


Windows 10 Home Edition Eclipse 4.6 Java 1.8

Library procurement

We will proceed as a normal project, not as Maven.

WiiuseJ Wiiusej at

Project setup

Put wiiuse.dll and WiiUseJ.dll for Windows and and for Mac users in the resource folder.

Play with the library

Find the Wii remote for the time being

If a Wii remote is found, the wiimote variable will contain the Wii remote object.

import com.github.awvalenti.wiiusej.WiiusejNativeLibraryLoadingException;

import wiiusej.WiiUseApiManager;
import wiiusej.Wiimote;

public class MainAccessPoint {
	private Wiimote wiimote;
	private Wiimote[] wiimotes;
	public MainAccessPoint() throws InterruptedException {
		try {
			System.out.println("Finding wiimotes...");
			while(wiimotes == null) {
				/*2019/8/5 There was a mistake. getWiimotes(1);Not getWiimotes(1, true);was. Also, WiiUseApiManager was statically accessed.*/
				wiimotes = WiiUseApiManager.getWiimotes(1, true);
				if(wiimotes != null && wiimotes.length > 0) {
					wiimote = wiimotes[0];
					System.out.println("Wii remote control found. Id: " + wiimote.getId());
				wiimotes = null;
		} catch (WiiusejNativeLibraryLoadingException e) {
	public static void main(String args[]) throws InterruptedException {
		MainAccessPoint main = new MainAccessPoint();

Try changing the LED

Specify boolean in order from the left from the first argument.


wiimote.setLeds(true, false, false, false);

Register the listener on the Wii remote controller

Register the following listeners in wiimote.


import wiiusej.values.GForce;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.physicalevents.ExpansionEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.physicalevents.IREvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.physicalevents.MotionSensingEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.physicalevents.WiimoteButtonsEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.utils.WiimoteListener;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.wiiuseapievents.ClassicControllerInsertedEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.wiiuseapievents.ClassicControllerRemovedEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.wiiuseapievents.DisconnectionEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.wiiuseapievents.GuitarHeroInsertedEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.wiiuseapievents.GuitarHeroRemovedEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.wiiuseapievents.NunchukInsertedEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.wiiuseapievents.NunchukRemovedEvent;
import wiiusej.wiiusejevents.wiiuseapievents.StatusEvent;

public class Listener implements WiimoteListener {

    public Listener() {

    //Ignite when the button is pressed. You can tell which button it is by the method name.
    public void onButtonsEvent(WiimoteButtonsEvent arg0) {
        if(arg0.isButtonHomeJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonHomeJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonPlusJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonPlusJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonMinusJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonMinusJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonOneJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonOneJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonTwoJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonTwoJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonAJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonAJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonBJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonBJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonRightJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonRightJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonLeftJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonLeftJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonUpJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonUpJustReleased()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonDownJustPressed()) {

        } else if(arg0.isButtonDownJustReleased()) {


    //Ignite when the Wii remote controller moves.
    public void onMotionSensingEvent(MotionSensingEvent arg0) {
        //The value of the 3-axis accelerometer is 1 to-It will be returned in the range of 1.
        GForce force = arg0.getGforce();
        System.out.println("X: " + force.getX());
        System.out.println("Y: " + force.getY());
        System.out.println("Z: " + force.getZ());

    @Override public void onStatusEvent(StatusEvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onDisconnectionEvent(DisconnectionEvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onClassicControllerInsertedEvent(ClassicControllerInsertedEvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onClassicControllerRemovedEvent(ClassicControllerRemovedEvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onExpansionEvent(ExpansionEvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onGuitarHeroInsertedEvent(GuitarHeroInsertedEvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onGuitarHeroRemovedEvent(GuitarHeroRemovedEvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onIrEvent(IREvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onNunchukInsertedEvent(NunchukInsertedEvent arg0) {}
    @Override public void onNunchukRemovedEvent(NunchukRemovedEvent arg0) {}


Register listener to wiimote

wiimote.addWiiMoteEventListeners(new Listener());

Enable motion listener

You need to write the following code to get the motion.


I will add it when I find out something. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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