[JAVA] Change session timeout time in Spring Boot

The story of changing the session timeout time in Spring Boot


Spring Boot v1.5.1.RELEASE and Spring Boot v2.1.5.RELEASE (Added on 2019/7/18)

Modification method

Edit application.properties (or .yml file)

Any of the following can be changed without changing the module, but the process when creating a session or destroying a session cannot be written.

Before Spring Boot v2.x

Spring Boot v2.x or later (Added on 2019/7/18)

How to implement HttpSessionListener


public class MySessionListener implements HttpSessionListener {
  public void sessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent se) {
    //Set timeout time
    HttpSession session = se.getSession();
    session.setMaxInactiveInterval(1800); //Specify the number of timeout seconds. Negative number does not time out session

    //Processing when creating a session
    // ...

  public void sessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent se) {
    //Processing when session is destroyed
    // ...


@Import({MySessionListener.class}) //Import and activate
public class WebAppConfig {

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