[RUBY] [Rails] How to install a decorator using gem draper


Introduce a decorator using a gem draper. Make a note of the clogged part when introducing this Gem.

Development environment

・ Ruby 2.6.4 ・ Rails 5.2.3

Reference material

About the role of Decorator and Draper Summary of how to use Draper Prepare a Decorator to display Rails View to help Helper and Model

Installation procedure

① Install gem'draper'.

First, install Gem.


gem 'draper'

You can use draper by typing the following two lines into the terminal.

$ bundle install
$ rails generate draper:install

② Create a decorator

First, create app/decorators/user_decorator.rb.

$ rails generate decorator User

This time we will create a method to call the full name. last_name and first_name have been added to the columns of the User model in advance.


class UserDecorator < Draper::Decorator

  def full_name
    "#{object.last_name} #{object.first_name}"

③ Call the created method in the View file.

Displays the currently logged in user (current_user) with the full name.

#In the View file where you want to use the method

<%= current_user.decorate.full_name %>

With the above procedure, you have installed the decorator using gem'draper'. If you get an error in this flow, please try to solve it while looking at the reference materials.

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