Java basic data types

I summarized the basic data types of Java.

Data type list

type Mold Bit number range Description
Integer type byte 8 bits -128 ~ 127
short 16 bit -32768 ~ 32767
int 32 bit -2147483648 ~ 2147483647 It is also possible to express it in other than decimal notation using the following prefix.
・ Binary number ⇒ 0b ~
・ Eighth number ⇒ 0 ~
・ Hexadecimal ⇒ 0x ~
long 64-bit -9223372036854775808 ~ 9223372036854775807 Add "L" at the end when writing explicitly
Floating point type float 32 bit ±1.40239846×10^-45~±3.40282347×10^38 When explicitly stated, add "f" or "F" at the end
double 64-bit ±4.94065645841246544×10^-324~±1.79769313486231570×10^308
Logical type boolean - true or false
Character type char - Can be written below
-Unicode characters \ u0000- \ uFFFF
・ Integer value 0~65535
・ Single quotation('')1 character enclosed in

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