Java Silver Study Day 1

Nice to meet you. It is snbmsn03.

Current goal: Java SE8 Silver passed Work experience: C # 1 year

How to study

I bought this collection of questions.

text Thorough capture Java SE 8 Silver problem collection [1Z0-808] correspondence Sumito Shiga From @amazonJP image.png

For confirmation of one's understanding and output purpose I will write without deciding what kind of person will read it. It would be great if someone studying Java Silver could find it and use it as a reference.

If you have any mistakes, we would appreciate it if you could point them out.

Java final modifier

--Attachments: All classes, methods and variables --For classes: Prohibition of inheritance --For methods: Prohibit overriding --For variables: Prohibition of reassignment

--Understanding --Can be used not only for variables but also for classes and methods --Similar to const in C # ――Is it slightly different from const in C #? (I haven't fully understood it yet, so just paste the quote source) (

Switch --case restrictions on the types that can be placed in a case

--Some types cannot be inserted

The {} braces after the if statement condition can be omitted

--If omitted, it will be treated as processing when the conditional expression is true for only the next sentence. --The curly braces should be included as it will reduce readability.

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