Memo to build a Servlet environment on AWS EC2

1. Java installation

Java 8 search

yum search java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel

Java 8 installation

sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel

2. Install Apache

Apache installation

sudo yum -y install httpd

Start apache

sudo service httpd start

Automatically start on reboot

sudo systemctl enable httpd.service

3. Creating inbound rules

  1. Security group
  2. Edit inbound rules
  3. Create " HTTP TCP 80 (port range) "
  4. Save the rule

4. Tomcat installation

Tomcat installation

sudo amazon-linux-extras install tomcat8.5

Tomcat-Installing Webapps

sudo yum install tomcat-webapps tomcat-admin-webapps

Start tomcat

sudo systemctl start tomcat


remove mariadb

sudo yum list installed | grep mariadb
sudo yum remove mariadb-libs

MySQL installation

sudo yum -y localinstall

MySQL server

sudo yum install mysql-community-server

Clear cache

sudo yum clean all
sudo rm -rf /var/cache/yum

Installation confirmation

yum repolist enabled | grep "mysql.*-community.*"

MySQL version confirmation

mysql --version

Start MySQL

sudo /bin/systemctl start mysqld.service

MySQL startup confirmation

systemctl list-units | grep mysqld.service

Check the current status (only when disabled is displayed)

systemctl is-enabled mysqld.service
systemctl enable mysqld.service

Confirm root password

sudo cat /var/log/mysqld.log | grep root

Change root initial password

SET GLOBAL validate_password_length=4;
SET GLOBAL validate_password_policy=LOW;
ALTER USER [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY 'root';

Change character code (How to use vi editor)

vi /etc/my.cnf

i :insert

「:w !sudo tee %」




MySQL restart

sudo systemctl restart mysqld

MySQL stop

sudo systemctl stop mysqld

Uninstall MySQL

sudo yum remove mysql*

6. Upload to server

Uploaded to Tomcat Web apps

sudo cp filename.war /usr/share/tomcat/webapps

File deletion in Tomcat Webapps

sudo rm /usr/share/tomcat/webapps/file name.war

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