[Ruby] Realize 3-digit separation display in Ruby

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When you want to display #3 digits

  1. Use to_s(:delimited) method
  2. Add require at the beginning of the file to use the above method active_support is a component of Ruby on Rails that allows you to use various methods

``'’ruby:num.rb require “active_support/core_ext/numeric/conversions”


=> “10,000”

See the Rails Guide Active Support page for more details (6.3 formatting)

# Postscript
When I was looking for a 3 digit display method
I used it happily as "It seems that the number can be separated by 3 digits with the .to_s(:delimited) method!"
I didn't know that require was needed and encountered the following error.

in to_s': no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer (TypeError) ``` Although to_s can be used normally, adding (:delimited) caused an error and caused a problem. Therefore, require to activate active_support is required when using to_s(:delimited) method in ruby.

I would like to take this opportunity to learn and utilize other useful methods of active_support.