[Ruby] To install the missing version, run gem install bundler:2.1.4

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I will summarize what I learned and stumbled on every day. If you find any mistakes, please let us know! I’m always helped by other people’s articles, so I hope it helps.

What kind of error

An error that bundler 2.1.4 is specified in Gemfile.lock, but that version of bundler is not found.

Traceback (most recent call last):
2: from
1: from
# abridgement
Could not find'bundler' (2.1.4) required by your /Users/<user name>/<root directory name>/Gemfile.lock.(Gem::GemNotFoundException)
To update to the latest version installed on your system, run `bundle update --bundler`.
To install the missing version, run `gem install bundler:2.1.4`

What happens when

This happens when you change the version of Ruby. It is necessary to install a gem for each Ruby version in rbenv.


gem install bundler -v 2.1.4

Enter and insert bundler 2.1.4 to solve!


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