[Java] Transition from Eclipse to IntelliJ (on the way)

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Finally buy IntelliJ! I was wondering… There is also a key binding for people who originally used Eclipse, but it was not perfect, so I’ll use it as a memorandum. I will also write personal setting information.

Key config

First of all, the key config of the main subject is tentative because I am rewriting it well now, but I changed the following.

  • Change keymap preset to Eclipse
  • Editor action -Reduce font size [Alt + Minus] -Enlarge font size [Alt + Plus]
  • Main menu
    • File -New [Ctrl + N] -Code -Code formatting [Ctrl + Shift + F] -Refactoring -Change file name [Ctrl + R]
    • Plugin -Java -Getter and Setter [Alt + S, Alt + R] -toString [Alt + S, Alt + S] -JavaScript and TypeScript -Getter and Setter [Alt + S, Alt + R] -toString [Alt + S, Alt + S] -Kotlin -toString [Alt + S, Alt + S]

It is like this. By the way, the key config that was covered is deleted.

The file name change is Ctrl + R because the function keys (F1 to F12) of recent macbooks are hard to press. In addition, the font size is set so that it can be used immediately even in development environments with different screen sizes.

Font setting

I wrote about the font settings because I was a little worried about them.

In case of Windows, it seems that external fonts cannot be used unless they are installed in all users. I was worried for about an hour here…


  • Japanese Language Pack
  • Material Theme UI
  • Atom Material Icon
  • Rainbow Brackets (color brackets)


Thank you for reading this far. I’m a little messing around with the other settings, but the major changes are above.

It’s my personal setting, so it may be helpful, but I will leave it as a memorandum. Then somewhere…