[Java] [Certified Java Programmer, Gold SE 11] Impressions/good points/bad points for those who are studying

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at first

I got a qualification this time with the goal of deepening my understanding of java. My own experience was to make a website using wordpress, and to that extent I made some simple enhancements to php. I’m a science university student, but unfortunately I’m not a mechanical system, so I’ve never touched java, let alone practical experience. The study period is about 3 months since I started studying Silver which is Gold’s prerequisite qualification in May 2020, passed 5/30, and then passed Gold on 8/11. Since I started studying from scratch, I would like to write an article for beginners like me than anyone who is already using java for work.

It is a digital batch of proof of qualification. ↓ https://www.youracclaim.com/badges/5b1de059-b464-4b89-95d5-e834432f42e3/public_url

Impressions I actually received

Bad points

① Price

The test fee for one test is nearly 30,000. It is 60,000 yen in total because you need to have Silver to get Gold. It may be unavoidable because it is a Venter qualification, but it is a little painful because the reference book for exam preparation costs about 5,000 yen per book. Since I bought both Silver and Gold reference books and problem books, it took total about 80,000 yen to get this qualification. If you think that it would have cost you more than 30,000 yen if you failed the test even once, your spine will freeze.

② It is not so when asked if you can actually create a java application

I think this depends on people, of course, but just because you have acquired the knowledge does not mean that you have the skills. In my case, I will be able to do it little by little after putting in some knowledge and actually trying various things. Therefore, I feel a little different when it is said that having "Certified Java Programmer, Gold SE 11" means that development with java is possible.

③ There is no reference book (only Gold 11)

The reference book for java SE Gold 11 has not yet been released as of August 22, 2020. Silver 11 has already been released, so it’s okay, but Gold people should study with the version 8 reference book, and you have to look for changes from 11 on the official website or Qiita.

④ It is difficult if you do not have work experience

If you don’t have work experience, the intent of the code is hard to read. Of course I haven’t seen the code on software, so of course I don’t know how the code in question is used in development. Silver has a short problem code, and many problems that ask the knowledge that if you know it can be solved, so if you have only solved the honest problem collection, it will be pretty good. But is Gold able to understand the code on the premise of what you know? There were more questions to ask for understanding than Silver. After all, it is practical experience to make use of it, so without it it becomes a handicap.

good point

① Knowledge is attached

As I said above, you can’t suddenly create a java application. However, the ability to read existing code is quite significant. Compared to when I first started studying for qualifications, the speed of reading the code and the accuracy of understanding the content have increased dramatically. I think that people who have learned English or mathematics can sympathize with it, but it is very similar to the sense of understanding long sentences and mathematical formulas that were previously meaningless.

In addition, since you study evenly, you can lay the foundation for your knowledge without any bias. There is no such thing as going on a rudimentary place that is often the case with self-study.

② Understand object orientation

Object-oriented languages are inevitable in learning programming. After all, the difficulty level is different from that of script languages. If you study object orientation with Silver and Gold, you can acquire it even if you dislike it.

③ Other programming languages will be easier to read

I am studying python to study linear algebra, but the language specifications of python are very easy to come up with. I have studied a little before studying qualifications, but it feels much easier than at that time. Although the specifications and characteristics are different in other languages, the way of thinking when building a program learned through qualification study can be used in any language, so it will be possible to show the results of qualification study when studying languages other than java.

④ You can learn details and troublesome points

I think this is a common problem for people who study by themselves, but choosing a textbook is difficult in self-study. When studying with books Basically, most books are introductory books, and I mainly write easy-to-understand and easy-to-understand areas for readers. It’s a great help for me when I just started studying, but I soon find it unsatisfactory. On the other hand, since books for advanced users are rooted in business practices, many of them are quite practical and can be left without sufficient knowledge.

However, the textbooks for qualification are very helpful because I can learn them thoroughly because they are elementary. The best part of what I’ve enjoyed studying through a qualification textbook is to know about errors.

This is an error message that is very important and basic for programming, but it is rarely explained in detail in the primer. I haven’t seen a detailed explanation that a runtime error will occur and a compilation error will occur, even if the explanation says that the stream API can be used.

Also, even if an advanced book explains that such an error can occur, it does not explain in detail what kind of error there is and what is different between a compilation error and a runtime error.

Even with various specifications other than errors, you will be able to pick up the basic parts that are often omitted in the introductory book and the basic parts that are often omitted in advanced books by qualification study.

⑤ You can leave the results of study as a clear form

I know that there is a lot of experience in the industry, but I’m glad that the fruits of my efforts come back in the form of qualifications. Also, having an index that can be evaluated objectively will give confidence to those who study by themselves.

Overall review based on good and bad points

If you want to evaluate what you have gained through qualification with 100 out of 100 points, I will add 75 points. High is -5 points -15 points that you cannot actually create a java application There is no reference book -5 points is. It is my responsibility to have no work experience because it is my responsibility, but it seems that what is really possible in the industry is important, so it would have been nice if there was another test with a higher difficulty level with a practical test I think However, when I was told that it did not make sense because I was not able to get into practice, I learned a lot from my qualifications, and I definitely had meaning.

In summary, I think that Certified Java Programmer, Gold SE 11 is a qualification for those who have graduated from java beginners and are at the starting line as a java programmer who will develop in java from now on.

Although it is said that there is no point in obtaining a qualification in some places, experience is said to be important, but it can be asserted that it is a very meaningful qualification for those who study by themselves or beginners. From an inexperienced perspective, it’s very difficult to get Gold, and I don’t understand what it means.

However, the joy of being able to read the source code without examining each one is well worth the suffering. Let’s proceed step by step with the aim of passing!

If there is an opportunity, I would like to be able to write an article about what I actually stumble on. Please excuse me.