[Ruby] Chewing the Rails Tutorial [Chapter 1 From Zero to Deployment] Second half

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1.4 Git version control

■ Git Version control tool. You can start over by saving your work each time with Git. Add, then commit and push.

■ Bitbucket git specialized hosting service. A member of GitHub.

1.5 Deploy

■ Heroku Paas. You can upload the developed one to the server without using FFFTP. It’s a little troublesome because SQLite can’t be used.

[Practice] Omitted because neither 1 nor 2 is a big deal.

■ (‘a’..’z’).to_a.shuffle[0..7].join It will display 8 random letters. Store alphabets a to z in an array. Shuffle the order of arrays. Take out from 0 to 7 (8 pieces). Combine into a string.

[Practice] Omit 1 and 2.

I didn’t have to divide. Join later.