[Java] Create a Java development environment (updating)

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I am a new engineer. Since my company develops using Java, I decided to build a Java development environment as a practice. Java is Owakon? ? It sounds like I can hear it, but it’s a company’s standard framework, so it can’t be helped.

We will update it steadily, so I hope you will keep an eye on it in the long run.


Role Tool name
Editor VScode
Java OpenJDK 8
Framework Spring Boot
Build Maven
Test JUnit
CI Jenkins
Container Docker
Container Management Tools Kubernetes

Make a Jenkins container

This time we will build a Jenkins container for the CI. As a caveat, use jenkins/jenkins:lts as the Docker image. jenkins: latest fails to download the plugin. (As of 2020/09/06)


$ sudo docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 5000:5000 -v ~/jenkins:/var/jenkins_home jenkins/jenkins:lts


************************************************** ***********
************************************************** ***********
************************************************** ***********

Jenkins initial setup is required. An admin user has been created and a password generated.
Please use the following password to proceed to installation:

Your_Password [required for initial startup]

This may also be found at: /var/jenkins_home/secrets/initialAdminPassword

************************************************** ***********
************************************************** ***********
************************************************** ***********

Since the container has started, let’s access http:\\localhost:8080 with a browser.

  • Initial registration screen [Enter the console password]


  • Install Plugin (install recommended version for now)


  • -Plugin installation screen


User registration is now complete. The next work involves creating a job and linking with Git, but please wait until the article is created.