Docker settings and this and that


Summarize the introduction of Docker and the commands used in Windows 10 Pro For Windows10 Home, since Hyper-V cannot be used, it will be a different procedure, so please refer to the reference site

Introduction flow

  1. Windows function settings

  2. Right-click on the Windows key and select Apps & Features 2021-01-09-17-32-28.png

  3. Select Programs and Features 2021-01-09-17-33-55.png

  4. Select Turn Windows features on or off 2021-01-09-17-35-41.png

  5. Select Hyper-V 2021-01-09-17-39-30.png

  6. Select Windows Subsystem for Linux 2021-01-09-19-28-26.png

  7. Install the WSL2 Linux kernel update program package

  8. Download the latest version of the package from Microsoft Docs 2021-01-09-19-31-17.png

  9. Download Docker Go to Sites ( and select Get Docker 2021-01-09-19-13-58.png

  10. Installation

  11. Select Docker Desktop Installer.exe 2021-01-09-19-16-25.png

  12. Config settings Use with default settings 2021-01-09-19-18-00.png


Basic commands

# hello-world
docker run hello-world
#Download Docker image
docker pull [image name]
#Get a list of Docker images you own
docker images
#Get the currently running Docker container
docker ps
#Get all Docker containers you own
docker ps -a
#Delete Docker container
docker rm [Container ID]
#Delete Docker image
docker rmi [image name]
#Stop Docker container
docker stop [Container Name]
#Run Docker container(Second time)
docker start [Container Name]
#Get Docker Version
docker --version

docker run command

#Specifying the Docker container name
docker --name [Container Name] [Image Name]
#Communicate interactively
docker -it [Container Name]
#Run Docker container in background
docker -d [Container Name]
#External access to Docker container
docker run -p [External port]:[Container port]

Docker virtual disk size optimization (at your own risk)

wsl --shutdown
cd %LocalAppData%\Docker\wsl\data\ext4.vhdx
Optimize-VHD -Path .\ext4.vhdx -Mode full

Reference link

--Docker official documentation: Docker Docs --Shared Docker image: Docker Hub --Hyper-V Activation Official Documentation: Microsoft Docs

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