Java to fly data from Android to ROS of Jetson Nano

Notes that install ROS on Jetson Nano and skip data from Andorid App (java)

table of contents

Download android_core

Building extension classes

Java class Reference data before compilation

Add an extension class and call it in main

Actual machine installation

Direct installation via USB

Check receipt at Jetson Nano


List topics
rostopic list

List nodes
rosnode list

Monitor topics
rostopic echo /chatter


I tried to rewrite the class of rosjava_core and use it, but I gave up because the error could not be resolved even with gradlew build. ..

Reference site

About android_core

android_core — android_core 0.1.0 documentation

Building A ROS Android App

How to build a simple rosjava package successfully- - ROS Answers- Open Source Q&A Forum

About building rosjava_core

About the standard library for cross-compiling Java versions (for example, when compiling for Java 7 with JDK 8)

rosjava_core 0.1.6 documentation

Command-Line Interface

API Help

Regarding the installation of JS WebSocket server in ROS

Record with RosJava

Try to operate ROS Topic with Javascript using rosbridge and roslibjs

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Java to fly data from Android to ROS of Jetson Nano
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