Node.js environment construction with Docker Compose


I wanted to practice Create React App a little detour without polluting the local environment. Therefore, we aimed to build an environment like the title.

Final directory structure

Final directory structure



Docker Compose Overview Compose is a tool for Docker applications that define and run multiple containers.

First, create the project folder node-docker and create the docker compose.yml file there.

Current directory structure



version: '3'
    image: node:14.9.0-alpine3.10
    container_name: node
      - ./node/app:/app
    tty: true
      - 3000:3000

version File format version of docker-compose.yml services You can define each container as a service. node Service name image Specifies the original image when running the container. If the image doesn't exist, Compose will try to pull it from Docker Hub. To create an image from Dockerfile, for example, create Dockerfile under the node directory and specify as follows. build: ./node container_name Specify a custom container name instead of the default generated name. By default, it will be named node-docker_node_1. volumes Share the local path (left) and the container path (right). tty Specifies whether to start the terminal. (Maybe)

ports Publish the port. Specify the host and port (host: container), or specify only the port of the container (the port on the host side is randomly selected). expose exposes the port and is only accessible between linked services.

Create and start a container

Now that you have the necessary files, let's create and start the container. If you want to create an image from Dockerfile, you need to do Docker-compose build, but this time you don't need it because you will get the already built image remotely. Work is done on the directory where docker-compose.yml is located.


$ docker-compose up -d

The d option allows it to start in the background.

Enter the node container

Now that the node environment is in place, the node environment is on the container, so you need to work on it. For that purpose, start the shell and terminal on the container by using the exec command that can execute the specified command in the running container.


$ docker-compose exec node sh

The directory structure in the container is as follows, and since it was specified in docker-compose.yml, the app directory in the container and the local node / app directory correspond.

Directory structure in the container


I think it's better to work in the app directory that can be shared locally.


Compose file version 3 reference Compose File Reference Docker Compose --docker-compose.yml reference [For beginners] Easy Node.js development environment construction with Docker (2)

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