Rails / Ruby: How to get HTML text for Mail

In Rails, the Mailer class, which inherits ActionMailer :: Base, uses a method called mail to create a mail object. Calling the method deliver on the return value mail object will send the mail.

Get HTML as text

To get the body of this HTML email as text, call the method as follows:


This html_part is defined in the Gem mail used by Rails.

2020-11-Code as of 14

    # Accessor for html_part
    def html_part(&block)
      if block_given?
        self.html_part = Mail::Part.new(:content_type => 'text/html', &block)
        @html_part || find_first_mime_type('text/html')

Get the body of Plain Text

You can use text_part to get it in Plain Text.


Up to .body will return an instance of Body class.


This article describes how to get the body from the return value of ActionMailer's mail method. If you want to get the text after sending it, the following article will be helpful.

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Rails / Ruby: How to get HTML text for Mail
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