Ruby on Rails installation method [Mac edition]

Qiita is convenient. (I'm not very used to Github) Even if you stumble during development, some people will give you the same error and explain the solution. That's why I also leave a technical memo in Qitta instead.

# Introducing my environment for the time being

environment version Remarks
macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Macbookpro2017 13 inch
Homebrew 0.95
Ruby 2 system newest version
rails5 5 series

** Ruby framework I will show you how to install Ruby on Rails 5. For beginners. ** **


● Ruby is installed ● Ruby version is 2.2.2 or higher (because it is Rails 5 series) I will explain in the following procedure

(1) Installation of Homebrew (2) rbev installation (3) Ruby installation (4) Rails installation (5) App creation command (6) Move the directory and check

⑴ Installation of Homebrew

Install Homebrew from the terminal to install the framework Ruby on Rails

  1. Open a terminal. (You can find the terminal from your Mac's Launchpad or Spodlight search)

  2. Enter the following Rails installation command

gem install rails -v "5.2.3
  1. Check the version with the following command to see if it was installed properly.
rails -v

Create a new application

Enter the following command in the console. Rails will provide you with all the files you need to develop your app. rails new ~ (arbitrary app name) is OK

rails new StopWatch  

Check if the app is ready. Cd to any directory

cd /Desktop/StopWatch  

Then, I think Rails has prepared all the in-app files such as the database. This completes the framework introduction work for application development. Thank you for your hard work

Next time content

Next, I would like to describe the controller and routing, how to create and edit views.

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