Environment construction command memo with Docker on AWS

It is a memo when the environment was built with Docker on AWS.

How to build a Docker environment on AWS

Method Remarks
Use Docker registry Pull the image to Docker Hub and push it.
Send Dockerfile When you want to change the build context or edit on the server. I use GitHub.
Send Docker image as tar When the server does not have access to the internet.

Below is a command memo used for how to send.

SSH access to AWS

Download key: mydocker.pem

Change key access rights

$ chmod 400 mydocker.pem

The number of each permission is owner, owning group, etc. The meaning of the numbers is the total value below (7 for all permissions, 4 for read only).

Numerical value Authority
4 read
2 write
1 execute
0 no permission

SSH access

$ ssh -i mydocker.pem <username>@<hostname>

For ubuntu aws instance, is ubuntu and is Public DNS.

File transfer with SFTP

SFTP is the Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Access by SFTP

$ sftp -i mydocker.pem <username>@<hostname>

Upload file

$ put local/path <remote/path>

If \ <remote/path> is not specified, the current directory of the upload destination.

Download file

$ get remote/path <local/path>

If you do not specify \ <local/path>, the directory when you ran sftp.

Docker image to tar

Docker image in tar file

$ docker save <image> > <filename>

From tar file to Docker image

$ docker load < <tar filename>


Linux command to check disk space

$ df -h

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