Rails deploy with Docker

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Rails environment construction with Docker We are building a Rails environment using Docker here.

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Mac OS docker-compose 1.27.4 heroku/7.47.7 Mysql 8.0 ruby 2.7 rails 6.1.0

heroku implementation

heroku login


rails_on_docker % heroku login
heroku: Press any key to open up the browser to login or q to exit:  //Login with Enter
rails_on_docker % heroku container:login

heroku app creation


rails_on_docker % heroku create <rails-koumori>  // < >Specify any name inside

Database addition / setting

Add database


rails_on_docker % heroku addons:create cleardb:ignite -a rails-koumori 

Modify the connection destination information of the production environment to an environment variable


  <<: *default
  database: <%= ENV['APP_DATABASE_DATABASE'] %>
  username: <%= ENV['APP_DATABASE_USERNAME'] %>
  password: <%= ENV['APP_DATABASE_PASSWORD'] %>
  host: <%= ENV['APP_DATABASE_HOST'] %>

Set connection destination information in environment variable


rails_on_docker % heroku config -a rails-koumori
CLEARDB_DATABASE_URL: mysql://username:password@hostname/Database name?reconnect=true

rails_on_docker % heroku config:add APP_DATABASE='Database name'-a rails-koumori
rails_on_docker % heroku config:add APP_USERNAME='username' -a rails-koumori
rails_on_docker % heroku config:add APP_PASSWORD='password' -a rails-koumori
rails_on_docker % heroku config:add APP_HOST='hostname' -a rails-koumori

rails_on_docker % heroku config -a rails-koumori  //Confirmation of registration

Description for production environment

Create an empty file


rails_on_docker % touch start.sh  



#Production environment
if [ "${RAILS_ENV}" ="production" ]
    bundle exec rails assets:precompile

bundle exec rails s -p ${PORT:-3000} -b

Addition of Dockerfile


#Specifying the base image
FROM ruby:2.7

ENV RAILS_ENV=production  

#Copy to docker
COPY start.sh /start.sh  
#Grant execute permission
RUN shmod 744 /start.sh  
#Run at startup
CMD ["sh","/start.sh"]   

Applies to production environments


rails_on_docker % heroku config:add RAILS_SERVE_STATIC_FILES="true" -a r
ails-koumori  //Assets in production environment:Apply precompile

rails view screen implementation

Controller creation


rails_on_docker % docker-compose exec web bundle exec rails g controller users 

Specify users/index on the top page


Rails.application.routes.draw do
  get '/',to: "users#index"

Controller description


class UsersController < ApplicationController
  def index

Create and describe index.html.erb file


<h1>Hello world!</h1>

Push Docker container and release to heroku

Build a Docker image and push it to a container


rails_on_docker % heroku container:push web -a rails-koumori

Release container on heroku


rails_on_docker % heroku container:release web -a rials-koumori

Start heroku and check with a browser


rails_on_docker % heroku open -a rails-koumori

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From the last Rails construction to the deployment this time.

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